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Professional experience:
2021-present Associate Professor, Dent-Alveolar Surgery Discipline. Anesthesia, sedation and medical-surgical emergencies, Doctor of Dental Medicine, primary physician Anesthesia - Intensive Care;
2015-2021 Assistant Professor, discipline of Dento-Alveolar Surgery. Anesthesia, sedation and medical-surgical emergencies;
2003-2015 Teaching Assistant, Dent-alveolar Surgery Discipline, Anesthesiology in Dental Medicine (medical-surgical urgency in dental medicine);
1999-2005 Teaching Assistant, Discipline of Anesthesiology, resident physician in Anesthesia - Intensive Care;
1997-1999 Resident physician in Emergency Medicine;
1994-1996 General Medicine physician at “Anton Cincu” Tecuci Municipal Hospital, Galați County;
1996-1997 General Medicine physician "Sf. Apostol Andrei" Galați County Clinical Emergency Hospital.

Education and training:
2012 Primary physician, Doctor of Dental Medicine;
1999-2005 Specialist in Anesthesia - Intensive Care;
1987-1993 Diploma of Doctor - Physician, Specialization General Medicine, “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași;
1981-1985 High School Studies, Industrial High School No. 11 Galați.

Scientific activity:
Books published in recognized publishing houses - 3;
Chapters in books published in recognized publishing houses - 3;
Articles in extenso published in ISI - 16 rated magazines;
Articles in extenso published in indexed journals CNCSIS and BDI - 49;
Articles in extenso published in other journals - 9;
Summaries of papers published in ISI-rated journals - 18;
Articles (in summary) published in the volumes of national and international events - 100;
Press releases - 44;
Participation in scientific events and training courses - 89;
National Conference Lecturer - 6.

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