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Marc Lazarovici is a medical doctor (internal medicine), human factor trainer and computer scientist. He graduated from the Munich Medical School (LMU) in 2002 and studied computer sciences (part-time) at the University Hagen between 2000 and 2011. Since 2003 he is a human factor and CRM trainer in the medical field. Currently, he is leading the Human Simulation Center at the Institute for Emergency Medicine, Medical Center of the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University, and working as a trainer in different medical simulation trainings and as visiting professor at the “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureș in Romania. He is a member of the SSiH, SESAM and cofounding member of the DGSiM (german simulation society).

He has been a member of the SESAM board (Executive Committee, EC) between 2016 and 2023, having served as Treasurer and SESAM President. He is a co-founding member and active auditor in the SESAM Accreditation Group.

His research interests and activities focus mainly on further developing learning opportunities through simulation, be it by developing new augmented reality simulators or by researching the implications of the increasing use of AR/VR technology to the healthcare environment, especially on the teamwork. The usability of medical devices is also a field of interest and research in his work.

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