CORRADI Francesco

CORRADI Francesco

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Director of School of Anesthesiology, University of Pisa;
Associate Professor in Anesthesiology;
Ph.D. in Ultrasonography;
Specialist in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology.

During my professional experience as consultant, I achieved a particular expertise in color-Doppler, abdominal, lung, heart and vascular ultrasonography (20 years of experience).

In my research activity, I took part in clinical research projects aimed at functional hemodynamic evaluation by ultrasonography. In particular, I have been devoted to the investigation of the pathophysiology of hemodynamic changes in critical care patients and of the circulatory modifications induced by sepsis, hemorrhage and hypotensive states, as detected by means of Doppler ultrasound.

I also have been active in the research field of evaluating acute respiratory failure by lung ultrasonography, computer-aided diagnosis and ultrasound-enhanced central vascular access positioning. I am a member of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), SIAARTI and WINFOCUS Research Subcommittee.

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