CIMPOEȘU Carmen-Diana

CIMPOEȘU Carmen-Diana

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Prof. Dr. (habilitate), primary doctor of Emergency Medicine, primary physician of Internal Medicine.

Head of UPU-SMURD at “Sf. Spiridon” Clinical Emergency County Hospital, Iași.

Ph.D. supervisor in the specialty of Emergency Medicine.

Coordinator of course direction in the specialty of Emergency Medicine, skills in medical workmanship, disaster medicine, medical pedagogy and qualified first aid.

Director of the Emergency Medicine Program.

Member of the Council of the Department of Surgery II – “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iași.

President of the Emergency and Disaster Medicine Commission – Ministry of Health.

President of the Emergency Medicine Commission of the Romanian College of Physicians.

President of the European Society of Emergency Medicine (EUSEM).

Treasurer of UEMS – Emergency Medicine.

Vice-President of the Romanian National Resuscitation Council.

Secretary General of the Romanian Society of Emergency and Disaster Medicine.

Fellow European Resuscitation Council (FERC), European Society of Emergency Medicine (FESEM), College of Chest Physicians (FCCP).

Physician coordinator of SMURD North-East Region.

14 books, 49 book chapters;
82 articles in extenso (39 in ISI magazines, 37 in BDI or ISI proceedings magazines, 6 others);
67 works in summary (39 ISI, 28 BDI and CNCSIS-B);
127 conferences as an international guest speaker (40) and national speaker (87);
140 presented works – oral and poster, international and national.

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